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Library and Online Resources

Elementary & Middle School

Students in grades K-8 visit the library weekly to select books for classroom assignments and leisure reading. During this visit, stories are read to grades K-2. Grades 3-8 have opportunity to do grade-appropriate activities that promote knowledge of the library and research skills. Our library participates annually in the Read A Million Minutes (RAMM) program and the Book Fair.

High School

The High School Media Center is open Monday through Friday during school hours. In addition to fiction and non-fiction books available for students and staff checkout, our Media Center has a mobile computer lab and four desktop computer workstations.

Online Resources

We have all sorts of helpful resources for our students! Contact your school office or your teacher to get your log-in information, and get learning!

Culture Grams–World edition, States edition

SIRS Discoverer


ProQuest Research


Factinista is a website that curates and organizes articles about a wide variety of topics primarily for the high school student. The site hand-picks articles from reputable news sources, ensuring reliability and rigor. It can also send out weekly digests of articles related to topics that users select. Factinista provides a great way to give students structure when they’re doing independent research or to find high-quality non-fiction texts for the classroom.