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Vision 2020

VISION 2020:  Reduce Debt and Build for the Future. To Make an Online Gift CLICK HERE

VISION 2020 Goals:

Building Loan Principal 2010                                    $4,892,000

Building Loan Principal February 2018                     $3,596,064

Vision 2020 Principal Balance Goal June 2020          $2,250,000

What are the plans for the Future? Increased efforts to increase enrollment through improved marketing and facilities. Proclaiming and telling the story of God’s faithfulness, sovereignty and provision through the dynamic use of people and technology. Actively engaging the entire MVC community (faculty, staff, parents, students, alumni, and constituents) in the Kingdom work God has called us to. Expand and upgrade, facilities and programs, to best prepare MVC students for 21st Century Kingdom work. Engaging MVC students as they learn, lead and serve.

To learn more about Vision 2020 please contact Jeff Droog, Superintendent Mount Vernon Christian School. Also, look for more information on becoming an active participant in Vision 2020. Please consider a one-time gift, monthly contribution or even a weekly contribution designated to the Vision 2020 Campaign.